Service Disruptions on the Weekend of May 11-12

On Saturday morning, connection problems were detected between the Perceval data center in Brussels and the Belgian BNIX Internet hub. Most of the Belgian Internet Service Providers (ISP) are connected to this peering hub to exchange data with each other.

The connection between Perceval and BNIX was unstable. For this reason, the direct routes from BNIX were removed from the routers to re-route the traffic over alternative paths.

At this point, the connections between some internet providers and the servers of Euregio.Net were disturbed – the routes indicated a high packet loss. The servers of Euregio.Net are co-located in said data center. Due to the packet loss emails and websites could not (or only slowly) be accessed.

As traffic had not returned to normal levels on Saturday afternoon, we decided to assess the situation on the ground in Brussels. We found that our own server infrastructure worked flawlessly and data requests were coming in through various routes.

Once more, we brought the irregularities to the attention of the data center operator and hoped for a fast solution of the routing problem.

Unfortunately, the source of the problem was only discovered on Sunday afternoon. After the error was identified, it took another hour and a half to reinstall all the routes and establish the connection to BNIX again.

We deeply regret that we were cut off almost completely from the Internet since Saturday morning and tried everything possible at the time to make the connections work again. However we discovered that the problem was beyond our area of responsibility and as such we could not intervene. Therefore the correction of the problem took too long.

We will take appropriate strategic considerations and technical efforts to prevent similar situations in the future.

We thank our customers for their trust and patience while we went to the bottom of the problems and the solution was implemented. Once we have an official statement from the owner of the data center, we will inform our customers in this regard.


Jochen Savelberg
Managing Director
Euregio.Net AG

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