Idea: Dear MetLife…

Dear MetLife,

Last night I came up with an idea how you could promote your company in a clever way, set a world record and turn the MetLife Building in New York into a tourist attraction.

You could put a giant non-smoking sign on the front and back of the MetLife tower.

The sign should be 16-20 stories high and would be visible across Park Avenue. It would be even nicer if it would be lit at night.

Here’s a picture how it could look like:
MetLife Non-Smoking


  • This would probably be the largest non-smoking sign in the world
  • Show MedLife’s commitment to healthy living
  • A constant reminder about that smoking is unhealthy
  • The sign would be visible from a large distance and become a cult landmark for tourists visiting New York
  • The unveiling of the sign would probably give you worldwide news coverage for free

This is just a quick idea. I hope you’ll consider it.

Thank you for listening,

Joe Savelberg

PS: I’m a smoker myself but such a large non-smoking sign would probably have a long lasting effect on many people (including myself)

This message was sent to MetLife’s contact form on August 7th, 2006 at 17:03 CET

MetLife answers on August 7th, 2006 at 22:10 CET:

Dear Joe Savelberg,

Thank you for writing to MetLife Online and allowing me to be of assistance.

METLIFE SOLD 200 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY in 2005 to Tishman Speyer.

The building continues to serve as MetLife’s corporate headquarters and the familiar „MetLife“ sign remains.

We are also unable to consider ideas from the public. I apologize.

Thanks again for taking advantage of our online service.

C.J. [full name know to the editor]
MetLife Online Customer Service

I never thought that a large corporation would answer so quickly to some silly ideas… Thanks for that CJ at MetLife. Keep up the great customer service!

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