iTunes Feedback

Hi there,

Here’s an idea for a new service on iTMS: a background music service for bars, restaurants, businesses…

These companies could buy a weekly or monthly subscription and receive packages of 30-50-100-150 new songs automatically on their DJ computer (running iTunes). There would be a discount for those big packages. In order to justify the discount, Apple could include a 10 second iTunes ad or jingle in the package that gets played randomly and therefore increases the brand awareness for iTunes, Apple, iPod, Macs.

Maybe the iTunes application should get a little brother just for businesses / bars which allows to run the weekly update process automatically and also sorts/archives the previously downloaded songs into separate playlists which makes it easier to go back to a previous playlist. the help application could probably be created in AppleScript Studio. Also, the iTunes interface should use bigger fonts which allows to view it from a distance (for people working behind the bar and visitors who’d like to see a scrolling banner with the current song name). Bigger fonts and controls make it easier to use the application with a touchscreen.

There could also be a special version of the Mac mini just for those business that require a good music server with automatic downloads from iTMS.

Just an idea…


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