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The Euregio.Net cookie policy ("policy") outlines the general guidelines practices and types of cookies that Euregio.Net AG ("Euregio.Net", "we", "us" or "our") can use to provide our services and to improve your experience when visiting our web sites.

Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information in web browsers. They are used by many websites to store or receive identification marks and other information on devices such as mobile phones or computers. Our website and services use cookies and other similar technologies (collectively, in this policy, "cookies" called) to provide you with a better service and to improve our websites and services. For example, we may use cookies to direct you to the appropriate part of our websites by indicating that you are a recurring visitor. We may also use information to present you services that are tailored to your preferences.

Some parts of our web pages are functional without cookies, and you can usually decide whether to accept cookies. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can delete cookies yourself using your browser's cookie manager. Please follow the instructions of your web browser. Please note that disabling cookies will reset your session, disable automatic sign-in, and affect the availability and functionality of our sites and services.

As part of our services, we may also place cookies on the visitors' computers through the websites protected by Euregio.Net or partner companies. We do this to identify malicious visitors, reduce the likelihood of blocking legitimate users, and to provide customized services.

Our websites use first party cookies (i.e. cookies that are set directly by Euregio.Net) and third-party cookies, as described in the following table.

Cookie TypReason for UsageProvider of the cookie and additional information
Analytics and Usage SurveyThese are used to understand, improve and explore users who visit, as well as to investigate their requirements for our product offerings. For example, we may use cookies to understand which pages a user searches before submitting a form for the sales request. We do not share any information about this analysis with third parties.Google Analytics
- Web Access Analysis (anonymized) Cookies: _ga, _gat, _gid

WordPress Jetpack
Cookies: g.gif

Necessary cookiesThese serve the security of the website, as well as other critical functions. These cannot be switched off.Cloudflare Security
Cookie: __cfduid

Cookie Politik
Cookies: viewed_cookie_policy, wpca_status

Important Notifications
Cookie: wpfront-notification-bar-landingpage

Helpdesk Software
Cookies: _helpkit_session, _hp2_ses_props.*, _hp2_id.*

Additional Technologies

We use Google Maps from Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) on our website. Using the features of this map will transfer data to Google. You can read about what data is collected by Google and what this data is used for, on

We use Google Analytics to measure traffic on our website. Google has their own Privacy Policy which you can review here. If you’d like to opt out of tracking by Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics opt-out page.

We use Google Fonts from Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) on our website. The use of Google Fonts is done without authentication and no cookies are sent to the Google Fonts API. If you have an account with Google, none of your Google account information will be sent to Google during the use of Google fonts. Google only collects the use of CSS and the fonts used and stores this data securely. More about these and other questions you will find on You can read about what data is collected by Google and what this data is used for, on

We use on this website features of Facebook, a social media network of the company Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland. You can read about the functions (social plug-ins) Facebook provides on By visiting our website, information can be transmitted to Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, Facebook can associate that information with your personal account. If you do not wish to do so, please log out of Facebook. The privacy policy, what information Facebook collects and how you use it, can be found on

We use on this site the video service YouTube, of the company YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. By accessing pages of our website that have integrated YouTube videos, data is transferred, stored and evaluated to/by YouTube. If you have a YouTube account and are logged in, this information will be assigned to your personal account and the data stored therein. You can read about what data is collected by Google and what this data is used for

We use on this website features of Twitter, a social network of the company Twitter International Company, one Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2 D02 AX07, Ireland. This means that personal data can also be transferred to Twitter. We do not monitor this data exchange and do not store anything about it. If you want to know more about using your data through Twitter, you can find all the information in the Twitter privacy policy at If you have an account with Twitter, you can change your privacy settings in the account settings at

We use on our website features of Google +, the social network of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). If you want to take full advantage of the features offered, you need a Google account. Also with the use of the functions (Google + 1 buttons, Google + badge, follow button, Google + Share button and link, sign-in button, Hangout button) without Google account, information is already sent to Google. If you are logged in with your Google account while using the above mentioned features, your data will be published worldwide and collected and evaluated by Google, depending on the setting on You can read about what data is collected by Google and what this data is used for, on

On this website we may use Facebook pixel from Facebook, a social media network of the company Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland. The code implemented on this page can evaluate the behavior of the visitors who have reached this website from a Facebook advertisement. This can be used to improve Facebook ads and this information is collected and stored by Facebook. The collected data is not visible to us but only usable in the context of advertisement networks. The use of the Facebook pixel code also sets cookies. By using the Facebook pixel, the visit to this website is communicated to Facebook, so that visitors to Facebook to see matching ads. If you have a Facebook account and are signed in, the visit to that site will be associated with your Facebook user account. To learn how to use the Facebook pixel for advertising campaigns, see You can change your Facebook ads settings to If you're signed in to Facebook. On can manage your preferences regarding online advertising that is based on usage. You can disable or enable many providers at once or make the settings for individual providers. More information about Facebook's data policy can be found at

We use Google AdSense, the advertising program of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) on our websites. Data on the displayed advertising media and their IP address may be transmitted to servers in the USA and evaluated there. In AdSense, cookies are intended to provide better advertising, the cookies do not contain personalized data. Google AdSense sends a cookie to the browser after every impression, every click and every other activity that leads to a call to the Google AdSense server. If the browser accepts the cookie, it is stored there. Third-party vendors may be able to place and read cookies in your browser or use Web beacons to store data that you receive through ad delivery on the site. Web beacons are small graphics that enable a log file recording and a log file analysis that are used for statistical evaluations for online marketing.

Disable cookies

You can delete cookies that are already on your computer or disable cookies at any time. The procedure for doing this is different according to the browser, preferably you search the instructions in Google with the search term „delete cookies Chrome“ or „disable Cookies chrome“ in the case of a Chrome browser or swap the word „chrome“ against the name of your browser, e.g. Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer. If you generally do not allow us to use cookies, i.e. disable them by browser setting, some functions and pages may not work as expected.

Disable personalized Advertising

If you have a Google account, you can turn off personalized advertising on the page. Also, if you disable ads personalization, you may still see ads based on factors such as your approximate location, which is derived from your IP address, the type of browser, and the recently used search terms. You can read about what data is collected by Google and what this data is used for, on

We are a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program which allows the placement of Amazon ads and partner links on websites. This placement of Amazon advertising will result in an advertising reimbursement. To be able to trace the origin of orders, Amazon uses cookies. The responsible body within the meaning of the data protection laws are the Amazon Europe Core S.À.R.L., the Amazon EU s. à. R. L, the Amazon Services Europe S.À.R.L. and the Amazon media EU S.À.R.L., all four located 5, rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg as well as Amazon Instant Video Germany GmbH, Domagkstr. 28, 80807 München. Amazon Deutschland Services GmbH, Marcel-Breuer-Str. 12, 80807 München, is working as a processor on your behalf. The privacy Policy, which collects Amazon information and how you use it, can be found on

MailPoet newsletter & emails

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or if you are a member of our website (you can log in) or if you have purchased on our website, there is a good chance you will receive emails from us.

We will only send you emails which you have signed up to receive, or which pertain to the services we provided to you.

To send you emails, we use the name and email address you provide us. Our site also logs the IP address you used when you signed up for the service to prevent abuse of the system.

This website can send emails through the MailPoet or SMTP2GO sending services. These services allows us to track opens and clicks on our emails. We use this information to improve the content of our newsletters.

No identifiable information is otherwise tracked outside this website except for the email address.

MailPoet’s privacy policy can be found here

SMTP2GO’s privacy policy can be found here: