Is your domain name easy to remember?

If your domain name is not easy to remember, then many people will have problems to memorize your web site address. Therefore it’s recommended that you register more domain names with different spellings of your site name or trademarks. All those additional domains can be linked to your original web site which shows your visitors that you really thought about their user experience.

Also make sure that you provide alternative spellings for umlauts, diacritis, hyphens and other special symbols.

A few years ago, I registered the domain name „“ and linked it to „“. I’m typing very quickly on my keyboard and at the time, my fingers always wanted to type „altavisita“ instead of „altavista“. As I was lazy, I decided that it would be easier to register the alternative spelling instead of training my fingers to the correct spelling.

Nowadays, I know how to spell Altavista correclty, i.e. Google 😉
(so we let the other domain name expire…)

This is the first post of 40 different web tips which I will post in days and weeks to come…

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