iTunes Feedback

Hi there!

Here’s a quick feature request: there should be a contextual menu in the play list which brings up the album of the currently playing song. Very often, I search my music library for a title and then decide I want to listen to more songs from that album. It would be much quicker to to select. The same is true for clicking on the artist which should bring up a list of all songs by that artist. In fact, you could extend it to any of the columns and use the selected song as search criteria.

My CD library contains more than 2000 CDs, hundreds of artists for a total of 13466 songs (37 days, 18 hours, 15 minutes, 36 seconds). So browsing takes a long time and using a selected song as search criterias would make things a bit quicker.

Another idea would be to offer cross-fades for custom CD burning. Currently, I’m using Roxio Jam to create my own song compilations but it doesn’t interact wih iTunes. Maybe that would be possible by combining GarageBand or SoundTrack with iTunes in some way.

I’m using iTunes 4.2 (72) which is not listed on this feedback form…

Hoping to see the iTunes Music Store in Europe and especially Belgium very soon — other companies have created an online music store already, so it should be possible for Apple as well. If Apple needs some advice about music royalties, I can probably point you to the right organizations. It took me 3 years to convince the local artist organization to create an online pricing structure for music which I needed for the song clips on my music quiz.

Hey, the music quiz features hundreds of links to the iTunes Music Store even though it’s not available in Belgium yet. Most of my site’s visitors are from the US, so I thought it would be an interesting addition. If you’d like to play the game (listen to a 5 second clip and guess the artist or song name), please go to — you could even win an iPod… 😉

Keep up the great work and I hope to hear back from you about the additional features for iTunes.



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