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I put this page together to combine all of the scripts, tools, tricks and tips that I've written for our Post.Office server. When we bought our Post.Office licence from Tenon last year in April, we thought everything would be included that we needed.

However after using the server for some weeks and months, I discovered that there were some features missing that I really wanted. So I decided to write my own scripts which provide those features which make my job as a Post.Office postmaster a little bit easier and provides a better service for our clients.

To use the scripts on these pages, you should know how to get into the command line mode ( /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app ) and how to switch to the root user ( su - or sudo ). It also helps if you know a command line text editor (like vi, pico) but you can also edit the scripts using a tool like BBEdit. In fact, the scripts were written in BBEdit which provides some great syntax coloring. Only minor changes were done in the terminal application directly on our server.

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Jochen "Joe" Savelberg

Currently available:

I hope some of these tools are also interesting for you. By the way, developing these scripts forced me to learn shell scripting after decades of AppleScripting and HyperTalking... ;-)

Please support the development of these scripts through PayPal. Thank you.

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