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Advertising beyond the banner...

We are open to discuss all different kinds of online advertising with you. The main opportunity is advertising through banner advertising with additional integration features that go beyond the banner ad.

Besides online banners, we can also insert buttons and links in strategic places or advertise your products in our newsletters. Our advertising rates are expressed in CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Here is an overview about our main web sites:

Please contact us for a customized advertising package that might include banners, buttons, text links, newsletter advertorials, popup windows,... - Homepage - Daily Horoscope List

EasyScopes - free horoscopes and astrology directory

Design History
EasyScopes Design History

EasyScopes is the leading directory and search engine for free horoscopes and astrology sites. The directory is divided in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly categories for horoscopes as well as 2 categories for products and services and other astrology information.

Every month, EasyScopes drives millions of visits to the best horoscope sites on the Internet. Many people bookmark their zodiac sign on EasyScopes to get easy access to their favorite astrology forecasts.

Launch Date:June 10th, 1996
Pageviews:2.5 million (month)
Unique visitors:301,000 (month)
18,000 (day)
Ranking:5,774 (U.S.)
6,045 (world-wide)
Minutes/visitor:24:16 (U.S.)
20:02 (world-wide)
US Residents:72%
18-44 years:45%
Frequent visitors:33%
HHI $50K+:20%

  • Directory & search engine/crawler
  • Top 20 of the most popular sites
  • Personal horoscopes & birth charts
  • Platform-specific interfaces (WebTV)
  • Web-based e-mail for members
  • Links sorted by zodiac sign
  • Horoscopes by e-mail
  • Astrology articles
  • Open Directory Cool Site
  • Cosmic Site of the Night
  • Cool Site of the Hour
  • IP Netvertising Award
  • others... - Homepage - Quiz Central

LoveTest - personalized tests and quizzes

LoveTest provides personalized entertainment and advice through tests and quizzes. It was the first site on the Internet to provide personalized love advice enhanced by astrology.

Currently there are 15 love, romance and personality quizzes available which require a lot of interactivity from the visitor. Test results can be received by e-mail. There is a lot of additional information available to help teenage girls succeed in their romantic lives.

Advertising campaigns can be targeted by age, gender and zodiac sign. Advertorials can be included in the e-mail results or the monthly newsletter to more than 350,000 registered members.

Launch Date:February 23rd, 1996
Pageviews:4.5 million (month)
Unique visitors:969,000 (month)
35,000 (day)
Ranking:2,128 (U.S.)
1,959 (world-wide)
Minutes/visitor:11:00 (U.S.)
12:14 (world-wide)
13-24 years80%
US Residents:64%
Frequent visitors:31%

  • Personalized tests and quizzes
  • Web-based e-mail for members
  • Astrological compatibility
  • "I Love You" translations
  • Articles about love & health
  • Results sent by e-mail
  • Romantic love songs
  • LoveThermometer
  • Yahoo! Pick of the Week
  • AskJeeves Silver Platter
  • Cosmic Site of the Night
  • Cool Site of the Hour
  • others... / - Homepage / - weekly & daily horoscopes provides weekly sun sign horoscopes and interactive personal astrology features. The weekly horoscope mailing started in April 2001 and has become a huge success with more than 500 new members joining per week.

The site provides an easy access to advanced astrology features such as free birth charts and the astrological compatibility analysis. New astrology articles are posted several times per month. is the little sister site of It provides most of the content of 0800-horoscope, albeit in a different format which makes it easier to access on some platforms.

Both sites allow easy integration of new advertising formats as well as advertorials in the weekly and monthly mailings.

Launch Date:September 1st, 1998
Pageviews:1.1 million (month)
Unique visitors:230,000 (month)
7,500 (day)
Ranking:top 10 ranking for horoscopes
on many search engines
US Residents:63%
18-44 years:43%
Frequent visitors:41%
HHI $50K+:18%

  • Weekly horoscopes
  • Weekly horoscopes by e-mail
  • Astrological compatibility
  • Personal daily horoscope
  • Interactive birth charts
  • Relationship cartoons
  • Astrology articles
  • Greeting cards - Homepage - About

SpeedyCam - time lapse road movies

SpeedyCam is the first web site to broadcast time lapse movies of European roads captured by a webcam mounted in a car.

The site is still very new but it has already received numerous awards. Up to 5 GB of movies are delivered per day. This project was started as a laboratory for streaming movies. Nonetheless, our visitors seem to like its twisted humor and travelling around Europe on our virtual passenger seat.

We are looking for new kinds of marketing campaigns on this site such as video advertisements or sponsored road trips.

Launch Date:May 29th, 2001
Pageviews:70,000 (month)
Unique visitors:20,000 (month)
700 (day)
  • Cool Site of the Day
  • Yahoo! Pick of the Week
  • USA Today Hotsite
  • Canadian Web Awards
  • CashFever Top Site
  • others... - Homepage - Music Quiz - Play - the music quiz

GuruHits is our latest project. It features monthly reviews of chart breakers and hot air play songs as well as a unique music quiz.

The music quiz can become very addictive. Participants of the quiz listen to a 5 second song clip and must guess the name of the song. The song clips are randomly selected from our database of more than 9,000 songs. The song clips are available in 4 different sound formats to be compatible with the majority of web browsing platforms.

The project has been 3 years in the making: mostly due to some legal constrains and limited technology availability. However both legal and technical aspects were recently worked out and the site went online at the end of September 2001.

Marketing possibilities include banner advertisements, e-commerce integration and co-branded versions of the quiz.

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